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Here is a list of results in attempts to checkpoint/resume containers with vzctl + criu bundle running on vanilla 3.13 kernel. Note the tests were done with Andrey Vagin patches applied to vzctl: "hook_ct: remove the non-working with devpts", "hook_ct: bind mount the host /dev directory in CT". Also the vz configs require LOCAL_UID="0" and LOCAL_GID="0".
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| centos-6 || || + || + || needs patches: hook_ct: remove the non-working with devpts + hook_ct: bind mount the host /dev directory in CT, also set LOCAL_UID="0" and LOCAL_GID="0" in container config, drop udev as "rpm -e udev --nodeps" in container
| fedora-20 || || + || - || (00.037318) Error (namespaces.c:155): Can't dump nested mnt namespace for 2640

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