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ZDTM test suite

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== Running ==
=== All zdtm tests ===
You can run all the tests by:
make test
or by:
Note, that if one test fails, ztdm will continue to run others. So, be sure to check its output for error messages.
=== Certain test ===You can also run the tests manually by issuing a <code> make <testname>.pid</code> command. After you've done c/r-ing it you should run <code> make <testname>.out</code> and check for the <testname>.out file contents.
If you don't want to mess with this you can use the <code></code> script. When launched without arguments runs all the tests one-by-one. The exact test can be specified by the command line argument. The <code>-l</code> option lists the tests it can run.

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