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| crtools || [[Integration]] with other projects || hard || - || CRIU is not working great by itself. There's alway some specific about what user wants to dump. Integrating CRIU with other projects will make CRIU work at its best.
| crtools || Restore tasks into fresh new pid namespace || easy || - Kuprieiev Ruslan || When we dumped processes, it can be hard to restore it back, if they didn't live in a pid namespace, due to PIDs conflict. It would be nice to have the ability to ask CRIU to create the pid namespace for those guys and restore them there. A thing to worry about is this new namespace's init task.
| crtools || Rollback tree state || medium || - || When we checkpointed process tree with -R option (let them run after checkpoint) we might want to return the tasks into checkpointed state on the same machine. Currently this can only be done by killing the processes and restoring them from scratch. If we could ask CRIU to restore the images ''into'' the ready processes that could speed things up, especially if carefully caring about [[memory changes tracking]].

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