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set dump/restore options: formatting improvements
Use <code>criu_set_*</code> functions to setup dump/restore options.
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void criu_set_pid(int pid);
void criu_set_images_dir_fd(int fd); /* must be set for dump/restore */
void criu_set_log_level(int log_level);
void criu_set_log_file(char *log_file);
If no pid is set on dump, CRIU will dump the calling process itself.
{{Note|<code>images_dir_fd</code> is '''required''' at dump/restore, all other options might be left unset.
The client must open directory for/with images by itself and set <code>images_dir_fd</code> to the opened directory fd.
CRIU will open <code>/proc/<client's_pid>'client_pid''/fd/''images_dir_fd''<images_dir_fd/code>, so it will work even if the client is in another namespace.}}
The logic of setting request is the same as when setting options in console. Here is an example:
#criu restore -D /path/to/imgs_dir -v4 -o restore.log
is equal to:
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== Operations ==

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