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Coredump task is ready.
| crtools || 32-bit tasks || hard || Cyrill || For x86 we only dump and restore 64-bit tasks. Doing 32-bit should also be done, but keep in mind, that not only 64-bit tree OR 32-bit tree should be supported. There can be mixed 64-and-32-bit trees out there and CRIU should support those too.
| crtools || Generate task's core file out of images with [[CRIT]] || medium || Ruslan Kuprieiev || Nothing special -- just take core.img, mm.img and pagemap.img and produce the canonical core image out of those.
| crtools || Modify restored resources run-time in [[CRIT]] daemon || medium || - || Sometimes it might make sense to tune the objects fro images on restore. E.g. -- change the IP address of sockets from task above or fix file paths to be "chroot-ed". The best solution seems to be in launching CRIT in daemon mode, telling it what images and how to modify and teaching CRIU to "filter" the pb objects read from images through this daemon.

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