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| kernel/criu || FS-notify queues || hard || - || We dump [[Fsnotify]] files, but when they contain events inside -- just ignore those. Need to fetch then and put back on restore. The difficulty here is that while dumping/restoring CRIU may touch files that are monitored and thus produce unwanted events into queue.
| crtools || Remove hardcoded TASK_SIZE (at least for AArch32) || medium || cov || Dumping an AArch32 application using an AArch32 CRIU under an AArch64 kernel fails because TASK_SIZE is wrong. If TASK_SIZE were determined at runtime, the process would be able to proceed further. TASK_SIZE could be guessed using uname/cpuinfo and rules, probed with a series of accesses, or perhaps, following the example of PAGE_SIZE, the ELF auxiliary vector should include it.
| crtools || Hardcoded PAGE_SIZE (at least for AArch64) || medium || cov || Dumping an AArch64 under an AArch64 kernel with 64K pages fails because PAGE_SIZE is wrong. Many uses of the PAGE_SIZE constant don't actually need an exact page size. Maybe split uses into PAGE_OR_LESS, EXEC_PAGESIZE (max possible for a platform), and page_size (actual value, probably pulled from auxv in memory or /proc or from smaps in /proc).
| crtools || Make CRIU work on AArch32 with CONFIG_KUSER_HELPERS=n || medium || cov || CRIU currently fails on AArch32 kernels built with CONFIG_KUSER_HELPERS=n.

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