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libcap needed for tests only
=== Other deps ===
* <code>libnl3</code> and <code>libnl3-devel</code> (RPM distros) or <code>libnl-3-dev</code> (DEB distros) for network operations.
* <code>libcap</code> and <code>libcap-devel</code> (RPM distros) or <code>libcap-dev</code> (DEB distros) for work with capabilities.
* <code>python-ipaddr</code> is used by CRIT to pretty-print ip.
* If <code>libbsd</code> available, CRIU will be compiled with setproctitle() support. It will allow to make process titles of service workers to be more verbose.
* The iproute2 tool version 3.5.0 or higher is needed for dumping network namespaces. The latest one can be cloned from [;a=summary iproute2]. It should be compiled and a path to ip written in the environment variable <code>CR_IP_TOOL</code>.
* If you would like to use <code>make test</code> you should install <code>libaio-devel</code> and <code>libcap-devel</code>.
== Linux Kernel ==

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