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<div styleCRIU is a community-driven project. It started by Virtuozzo kernel engineers in 2011, but the project potential was soon recognized by other companies and individuals and so they became actively involved. This article summarizes the current state of project community. == Companies ="background-color: #f6f6f6; padding: 1em; text-align: left;" class="plainlinks"> This list includes companies and projects whose employees contributed at least 10 patches,and is loosely ordered by the company's contribution amount. * [ com/ Virtuozzo] employs a number of key developers and provides most of the project infrastructure* [https://staticcanonical.openvz.orgcom/criu_88x31.gifCanonical] is a project of employs {{Commits by|Tycho Andersen|tych0}}* [ com/linux IBM] employs {{Commits by|Laurent Dufour|ldu4}}* [https://staticgoogle.openvz.orgcom/openvz_88x31.gifGoogle] employs {{Commits by|Filipe Brandenburger|filbranden}} and is supported {{Commits by engineers from many companies, including |Saied Kazemi|SaiedKazemi}}* [ / CodeAurora] employs Christopher Covington* [https://staticredhat.openvz.orgcom/odin_88x31.pngRed Hat], employs {{Commits by|Oleg Nesterov|utrace}} and {{Commits by|Adrian Reber|adrianreber}}* [ / Samsung], [https://statichuawei.openvz.orgcom/acronis_88x31.pngHuawei], and others employs minor contributors* [http CanonicalAcronis], sponsors a few students working on the project == Get involved == Start with subscribing to the [http mailing list],where most of the fun is taking place (yes we're old school).com Google If you are ready to send some actual patches, please don't do so via github, see [[how to submit patches]]. For other ways to be involved, see [http[contacts]]. == See also == * [[History]]* [[How to submit patches]]* [[Contacts]] == External links == * IBM/xemul/criu/graphs/contributors [[Category: Development]] and others.</div>

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