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Welcome to CRIU, a project to implement checkpoint/restore functionality for Linux in userspace.
== This wiki Using ==
;[[Usage scenarios]]
;[[CR_tools | CR tools]]
: Main checkpoint/restore utilitydescription
;[[ZDTM_Test_Suite | ZDTMWhat software is supported]]: Zero downtime test suiteDescribes TODO list in higher level terms
;[[Todo | TODO]]: Current TODO list== Developing ==
;[[What software is supportedImages]]: Describes TODO list in higher level termsDescription of image files format
;[[Commits | Commits]]
: Mainline kernel commits tracker
;[[ImagesZDTM_Test_Suite | ZDTM]]: Description of image files formatZero downtime test suite ;[[Todo | TODO]]: Current TODO list
== External links ==
== Under the hood ==
Articles about how things are done in crtools
* [[Sockets]]

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