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Docker 1.12: this is not github :)
== Docker 1.12 ==
More detailed instructions on running checkpoint/restore with Docker in version 1.12 will be coming in the future, but in the meantime, you must build the version of Docker available in the *docker-checkpoint-restore* branch of *@boucher*'s fork of Docker, [available here]( here]. Make sure to build with the env <code>DOCKER_EXPERIMENTAL=1</code>.
The command line interface has changed from the 1.10 version. <code>docker checkpoint</code> is now an umbrella command for a few checkpoint operations. To create a checkpoint, use the <code>docker checkpoint create</code> command, which takes <code>container_id</code> and <code>checkpoint_id</code> as non-optional arguments. Example:
docker start --checkpoint my_first_checkpoint my_container
== Integration Status ==

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