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== Usage ==
See You would want to use page server feature when performing a [[live migration]]. In most cases, just use [[P.Haul]] which handles the details for you. Otherwise, read on. === Running page server === First, run a page server on a destination node:  [dst]# criu page-server --images-dir $DIR --port $PORT [--auto-dedup] The options are: ; --images-dir: A directory to write memory images to. To speed things up, you might want to use tmpfs (see [[disk-less migration]]). ; --port: A port number to listen at. ; --auto-dedup: Perform auto deduplication of images. Useful with iterative memory dumps. === criu pre-dump/dump === With page-server, you need to specify additional arguments to <code>criu pre-dump</code> or <code>criu dump</code> commands. They are: ; --page-server: Send pages to a page server (rather than writing to disk files) ; --address $IPADDR: IP address of the page server (destination host). ; --port $PORT: Port number the page servers is listening at. === Video === To view an example video of using a page server, please go to
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