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Page server

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First, run a page server on a destination node:
[dst]# criu page-server --images-dir $DIR --port $PORT [--auto-dedup] [...]
The options are:
; --auto-dedup
: Perform auto deduplication of images. Useful with iterative memory dumps.
Some other general options might also be useful, such as:
; -o|--logfile $FILE
: A file to write log to.
; -v$N|-vvv[..]
: Set logging level (verbosity). For example, <code>-v4</code> (or <code>-vvvv</code>, which means the same) enables tons of debug info.
=== criu pre-dump/dump ===
To view an example video of using a page server, please go to
== Limitations ==
* Currently it only works via TCP
* DNS names are not resolved for <code>--address</code> argument, only IP addresses are allowed
* No encryption, no compression, data is passed over network as is
== See also ==

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