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Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace, or CRIU (pronounced kree-oo, IPA: /krɪʊ/, Russian: криу), is a software tool for Linux operating system. Using this tool, you can freeze a running application (or part of it) and checkpoint it as a collection of files on disk. You can then use the files to restore the application and run it exactly as it was during the time of freeze. With this feature, application live migration, snapshots, remote debugging, and [[usage scenarios|many other things]] are possible.
CRIU started as a project of [ Virtuozzo] and grew with tremendous help from the [[community]]. It is currently used by (integrated into) [[ OpenVZ]], [[LXC]]/LXD, [[Docker]], and [[Integration|other software]], and CRIU packages is included into many [[Packages|Linux distributions]].

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