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Because not all features implemented in Open Virtuozzo are merged into vanilla kernel yet, it's been adopted to create a fork of CRIU with Virtuozzo specific patched on top of vanilla instance. The [ CRIU-VZ] is open project of course with the following branches:
* '''master''' — is a copy of the vanilla master branch
* '''vz7-rtm''' — Virtuozzo 7 criu instance
* '''vz7-u1''' — current stable branch of Virtuozzo 7 with patches which will come into next Virtuozzo update
While The vanilla CRIU is a fast pacing project so for the Virtuozzo instance is usually slightly we take a version behind. In particular as a base (currently it is v2.5 is used as a stable base). We sacrifice functionality for stability reason - all the problems found during intensive testing are fixed in the Virtuozzo instance first, while merging them upstream may take up to months.
== Virtuozzo's P.Haul ==
[ The P.Haul fork]

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