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How to submit patches

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To clone CRIU repo and switch to the proper branch, run:
<sourcepre><nowiki> git clone criu cd criu git checkout criu-dev</sourcenowiki></pre>
== Compile ==
To compile CRIU, run:
<source> make</source>
This should create the <code>./criu/criu</code> executable.
can certify the below:
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'''Developer's Certificate of Origin 1.1'''
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<code>git commit --amend -s</code>.
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'''Example patch message'''
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sometimes a patch may fly around a week before it gets reviewed.
== Continuous Integration integration == ''Main article: [[Continuous integration]]'' CRIU tests are run for each seriessent to the mailing list. If you get a message from our patchwork that patches haven't failed to pass the tests, you have to investigate what is wrong.  We also recommend you to use [[Continuous integration#Enable Travis CI for your repo|enable Travis CI for your repo]] to check patches in your git branch, before sending them into to the mailing list.

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