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Docker Experimental: minor rewording
== Docker Experimental ==
Checkpoint & Restore is now available in the ''experimental'' runtime mode for Docker. It is avaiable in available since Docker 1.13, so every later version (like Docker 17.03 and later version) has it.
To enable experimental features (incl. CRIU), you need to do something like this:
=== Dependencies ===
In addition to installing version 1.13 + of Docker, you need '''CRIU''' 2.0 or later installed on your system, with at least version 2.0. You also need some shared libraries on your system. The most likely things you'll need to install are '''libprotobuf-c''' and '''libnl-3'''. Here's an output of <code>ldd</code> on my system:
$ ldd `which criu`
You should be able to print the logs from <code>looper-clone</code> and see that they start from wherever the logs of <code>looper</code> end.
=== usage Synopsis ===

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