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External bind mounts

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== How to teach CRIU to dump them ==
By default CRIU doesn't dump such mountpoints, because there's no way CRIU will be able to restore it -- the root of these mounts is out of the scope of what CRIU dumped. In the logs you would see the a message like
34:/bar doesn't have a proper root mount
which will mean, that means the mountpoint /bar has inaccessible root.
To dump and restore them there's the <code>--external mnt[KEY]:VAL</code> option that sets up external mounts root mapping.
On dump, KEY is a mountpoint inside container , and correspoding corresponding VAL is a string that will be written into the image as mountpoint's root value.
On restore , KEY is the value from the image (VAL from dump) , and the VAL is the path on host that will be bind-mounted into container (to the mountpoint path from image).
For example, if we want to dump the task above we should call

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