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External resources

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An resource is called "external", if it can't be dumped and restored without some help from the caller. Usually this mean that a part of it state is out of a dumped container.
== Dumping Dump ==
Typically external resources are just told to be such on dump. The respective option looks like <code>--external ''TYPE''[''ID'']:''VAL''</code> option, where <code>''TYPE''</code> is resource type, <code>''ID''</code> is resource ID and <code>''VAL''</code> is optional argument.
Restoring external resources heavily depends on its type. Some resources can be restored by CRIU itself with the help of <code>--external</code> option, some cannot. See below for further details.
== External resources Resource types == The following external resources can be checkpointed and restored:
* [[External bind mounts]]

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