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== Linux Kernel ==
Linux kernel v3.11 or newer is required, with some specific options set. If your distribution does not provide needed kernel, you might want to [[Linux kernel|compile one yourself. === Configuring the kernel === Most likely the first thing to enable is the <code>CONFIG_EXPERT=y</code> (General setup -> Configure standard kernel features (expert users)) option, which on x86_64 depends on the <code>CONFIG_EMBEDDED=y</code> (General setup -> Embedded system) one (welcome to Kconfig reverse chains hell). The following options must be enabled for CRIU to work: * ''General setup'' options** <code>CONFIG_CHECKPOINT_RESTORE=y</code> (Checkpoint/restore support)** <code>CONFIG_NAMESPACES=y</code> (Namespaces support)** <code>CONFIG_UTS_NS=y</code> (Namespaces support -> UTS namespace)** <code>CONFIG_IPC_NS=y</code> (Namespaces support -> IPC namespace)** <code>CONFIG_PID_NS=y</code> (Namespaces support -> PID namespaces)** <code>CONFIG_NET_NS=y</code> (Namespaces support -> Network namespace)** <code>CONFIG_FHANDLE=y</code> (Open by fhandle syscalls)** <code>CONFIG_EVENTFD=y</code> (Enable eventfd() system call)** <code>CONFIG_EPOLL=y</code> (Enable eventpoll support)* ''Networking support -> Networking options'' options for sock-diag subsystem** <code>CONFIG_UNIX_DIAG=y</code> (Unix domain sockets -> UNIX: socket monitoring interface)** <code>CONFIG_INET_DIAG=y</code> (TCP/IP networking -> INET: socket monitoring interface)** <code>CONFIG_INET_UDP_DIAG=y</code> (TCP/IP networking -> INET: socket monitoring interface -> UDP: socket monitoring interface)** <code>CONFIG_PACKET_DIAG=y</code> (Packet socket -> Packet: sockets monitoring interface)** <code>CONFIG_NETLINK_DIAG=y</code> (Netlink socket -> Netlink: sockets monitoring interface) Other options not required by CRIU, but C/R supported ([[ZDTM test suite]] may fail without them):* <code>CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER=y</code> (File systems -> Inotify support for userspace)* <code>CONFIG_FANOTIFY=y</code> (File systems -> Filesystem wide access notification)* <code>CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MARK=y</code> (Networking support -> Networking options -> Network packet filtering framework (Netfilter) -> Core Netfilter Configuration -> Netfilter Xtables support (required for ip_tables) -> nfmark target and match support)* <code>CONFIG_MEMCG=y</code> (General setup -> Control Group support -> Memory controller)* <code>CONFIG_CGROUP_DEVICE=y</code> (General setup -> Control Group support -> Device controller)* <code>CONFIG_MACVLAN=y</code> (Device Drivers -> Network device support -> Network core driver support -> MAC-VLAN support)* <code>CONFIG_BRIDGE=y</code> (Networking support -> Networking options -> 802.1d Ethernet Bridging)* <code>CONFIG_BINFMT_MISC=y</code> (Userspace binary formats -> Kernel support for MISC binaries)* <code>CONFIG_IA32_EMULATION=y</code> (x86 only) (Executable file formats -> Emulations -> IA32 Emulation) For some [[usage scenarios]] there is an ability to track memory changes and produce [[incremental dumps]]. Need to enable the <code>CONFIG_MEM_SOFT_DIRTY=y</code> (optional) (Processor type and features -> Track memory changes). Note we also have our [[custom kernel]], which might contain some experimental CRIU related patches.
== Building CRIU From Source ==

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