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=== New features ===
* Added {{Opt|--tcp-close}} option to drop all established [[TCP connection]]s=== Optimizations/improvements ===* Sparse [[Invisible files|ghost files]] supported (fixes {{Bug|230}} as side effect)* Option {{Opt|-v}} now has a long alias called {{Opt|--verbosity}}* Criu build can now be reproducible
=== Bugfixes ===
* CRIU didn't compile with glibcs w/o the definition of SIGUNUSED=== Deprecation* Restoring files could race on 64bits* Restoring a mount in user-namespace could result in broken flags* C/Removal ===R on nodes with unified cgroup hierarchy hanged ({{Bug|252}})* ...* Dumping of tasks with shmem implemented as tmpfs file could fail if the shmem was huge {{Bug|230}}

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