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Release schedule

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Starting from 1.3year 2018, CRIU uses the time-driven string release model with strict schedule is no more.A new release datesis made about every 2 to 3 months, or sometimesmore frequent in case there are substantial changes or major fixes.
Starting from 2.0, the release is once a month from stable (master) branch with whatever is there. Below you can find specific dates and codenames for future (if known) and past releases.
== Future releases ==
{| class="wikitable"
! Date
! Version / codename
| Snow Bunting{{Release date|3.8}}| 3.8 "{{Codename|3.8}}"
| | "Granite eagleEagle"
* [[Download/criu/1.x|1.x]]
* [[Download/criu/0.x|0.x]]
=== Historical release schedules ===
Starting from version 2.0 and until the end of 2017, a new release was made once a month from the stable (master) branch with whatever is there.
Starting from version 1.3 and until the end of 2017, CRIU used the time-driven release model with strict/known future release dates.
== See also ==
* [[Download/criu]] for the list of all releases, dates, and changelogs

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