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* C/R of
** tun [[Tun-Tap]] devices in sub-namespacesnetns** C/R [[:Category:Files|file descriptors ]] which were opened with O_TMPFILE
=== Improvements ===
* Restore of [[fsnotify|inotify ]] watchers* Restore [[unix sockets ]] in proper [[mount points/2.0|mount namespaces]]* Add a test to check the [[CLI/opt/--shell-job|--shell-job ]] option* Print CRIU and kernel version also in [[RPC ]] mode
* Workaround the iptables issue ({{Bug|469}})
* Don't use standard descriptors when tar is running to dump tmpfs mounts
* Fail dump if dump_one_file() fails
* Fill [[kerndat]] with zero-s before reading it from cache
* A lot of small fixes here and there
* Fail dump if dump_one_file() fails
* Fill kdat by zero-s before initializing it

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