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Optimize the pre-dump algorithm
=== Optimize the pre-dump algorithm ===
'''Summary:''' Optimize the pre-dump algorithm to avoid vmsplice()-ing the whole pinning to many memoryin RAM
TODO: Detailed description Current [[CLI/cmd/pre-dump|pre-dump]] mode suffers from several issues * It keeps all the memory in pipes, and their number can be huge due to limited one pipe size* It keeps all the memory in pipes and this memory is unreclaimable for that period* It [[parasite code|stops and infects]] tasks to drain memory from We can try to use sys_read_process_vm() syscall to mitigate all of the projectabove.Benefits: * No pipes, just copy data into temp buffer and send* Memory is always reclaimable* No infection is needed, just freeze, reset the tracker and proceed Ideally there should be sys_splice_process_vm() syscall in the kernel, that does the same asthe read_process_vm does, but vmsplices the data
* Wiki links to relevant material[[Memory dumping and restoring]], [[Memory changes tracking]]* External links to mailing lists or web sites[ process_vm_readv(2)] [ vmsplice(2)] [ RFC for splice_process_vm syscall]
* Skill level: beginner or intermediate or advanced
* Language: C
* Mentor: Pavel Emelianov <>
* Suggested by: Pavel Emelianov <>
=== Anonymize image files ===

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