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The criu utility dumps the state of processes/containers into a set of image files. This article describes the format of them.
== General Types of image files == CRIU images can be in one of formats * crtools specific images in google protocol buffer format (PB format)* crtools specific images with binary data in it* image files in 3rd party format == crtools-specific format description ==
Most of the All crtools -specific image files begin with 32-bit magic cookie . Images in PB format are followed by zero or more entries of the same type (not size!). Most of the entries are encoded in the Google Protocol Buffers format and , each entry is preceded with 32-bit entry size value (not including this 32-bit value itself). Optionally each entry may be followed by extra payload which depends on the entry type.
IOW protocol-buffers image files look like
The amount of entries in a image file depends on the type of file.
== Types of image files with PB data ==
Images encoded with ProtocolBuffers Such images can be one of
; Array image files
There == Images with binary crtools data == These are, however, images which are not in ProtocolBuffers.
; Memory dumps

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