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This page describes what big and famous opensource software is checked to work with criu (i.e. -- can be dumped and restored).

name status details
make and gcc works checked make -j kernel sources compilation
tar and bz2 works checked creation of a pseudo-random tree archive
git in progress -
sendmail partially tested without active connection
apache works -
mysql works -
ssh and sshd works -
crond works -
java (openjdk-1.6.0) partially trivial "Hello word" example with sleep in circle works, need to test some mature real program
screen + bash + top works -
MongoDB (2.0.7-1.el6.x86_64) + mongo-perf works -
nginx (1.0.15-2.el6.x86_64) works
tcpdump works checked with -i option (binding to device) and expression (packet filter)
oracle db seem to work it requires a hack in a kernel, but it looks like all the rest is OK
iperf works client was C/R-ed with live connection to server
openvpn seem to work checked minimal configuration and ping-s

This list of software is run from under VNC server (we use tigervnc) with active client connected and is C/R-ed fine (need to run one in IPC namespace to properly handle SYSVIPC stuff)

name status details
XScreensaver works -
libre-office works -
IceWM works -
gimp works -
inkscape works -
blender works -
mplayer works demo video
supertux game works -
eclipse + java app works -

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