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This Page Is Work In Progress - Not Ready

Many of CRIU's command-line options can also be influenced via configuration files. Configuration files are evaluated in CLI and RPC mode. It is important to know that configuration files are evaluated before the options set via CLI or RPC. This means that whatever is configured in the configuration files will be overwritten by explicitly set values via CLI or RPC.

Configuration File Location

The default configuration files parsed by CRIU, it they are present on the system, are first /etc/criu/default.conf and then $HOME/.criu/default.conf. Settings in the file /etc/criu/default.conf are overridden by settings in $HOME/.criu/default.conf.

Without any additional parameters CRIU configuration file parsing works like this:

  1. /etc/criu/default.conf; these values can be overridden by
  2. $HOME/.criu/default.conf; these values can be overridden by
  3. CLI or RPC configuration options