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Tarball: criu-0.6.tar.bz2
Version: 0.6
Released: 1 Jul 2013
GIT tag: v0.6

New features[edit]

  • Cross-compiling support
  • Ready to accept images from OpenVZ RHEL6-based kernel
    • VDSO conversion
  • Posix CPU timers C/R
  • Asynchronous parasite
    • Self-heal dumpee in case of crtools crash
  • Memory changes tracking (requires patched kernel)
    • Incremental backups
    • Pre-dump task command for smaller freeze time
  • Dump statistics
  • Return-arg for remote syscalls execution
  • Improved "show" output
  • Opened /proc/PID/ns/* files C/R
  • Daemon mode for page-server
  • Build-time features test (makes it possible to build on different distros)