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Tarball: criu-1.1-rc1.tar.bz2
Version: 1.1-rc1
Released: 30 Dec 2013
GIT tag: v1.1-rc1

New features[edit]

  • -- wrapper library for RPC clients
  • Plugins
    • External unix sockets
    • External bind mounts
    • External net devices
    • Unknown file types
  • Images deduplication in incremental dumps
  • Integration with systemd
  • Filtering of criu show output
Note.svg Note: The API defined in the first two items above may change after -rc1


  • Errors in unlinked files/sockets detection on BTRFS
  • NFS silly-rename files are not treated as unlinked
  • Freezer fail to seize quickly forking/pthread_create-ing tasks
  • Extra stop signal queued for stopped tasks after pre-dump
  • Wrong dying task state detection
  • Lost RPC dump response
  • Crash when reporting restore error via RPC
  • Negative return code into shell
  • Tasks left in wrong states after failed dump
  • A little bit more verbose check action
  • Coverity checks fail here and there