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Tarball: criu-1.3.tar.bz2
Version: 1.3
Released: 1 Sep 2014
GIT tag: v1.3

New features[edit]

  • TimerFD support
  • VVAR area (newer kernels' part of VDSO) support
  • CGroups hierarchies support
  • AUFS support (for Docker)
  • PDeathSig support
  • Check for opened file's size on dump and restore is the same
  • Ability to restore tasks as children using libcriu (criu_restore_child)
  • Add pkgconfig file for libcriu
  • CRTOOLS_IMAGE_DIR variable available in action scripts


  • Merged images with pending signal into core
  • Per-task images with file locks are merged into one big image
  • Smaller tasks orchestration memory area on restore
  • Sigactions are inherited on restore when possible, not overwritten
  • ZDTM suite now executes tests in parallel


  • Dump failed if robust lists were off
  • Link remaps on tmpfs mounts were not dumped
  • Non root tasks with custom groups couldn't dump its peers (Security)
  • Opened and unlinked FIFOs, dirs and devices were restored as regular files
  • Files opened from alien mount namespace were restored in the local one
  • Link remap name sometimes was generated with error
  • Opened and removed cwd couldn't be restored
  • Sysctl kernel.msgmni was overwritten by subsequent auto_msgmni
  • Library and RPC APIs didn't match the CLI one
  • Some external mounts were constantly "postponed" and never got mounted
  • The self.mm_dumpable prlctl value of 2 caused restore to fail
  • Errors when writing sysctls with tail \n
  • The criu show printed nested repeated fields corrupted
  • Dump stats were initialized with garbage
  • Restore sometimes stuck on waiting for inet socket port bind
  • Spurious SIGHUP when restoring slave ttys
  • Restore wasn't aborted if sub-task failed early