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Tarball: criu-1.6.tar.bz2
Version: 1.6
Released: 1 Jun 2015
GIT tag: v1.6

New features[edit]

  • PowerPC 64bit LE support
  • Makefile.local for 3-rd party build rules
  • Ability to "enable" filesystem on dump (--enable-fs)
  • Ability to skip mountpoint on dump (--skip-mnt)
  • Prepare to deprecate "criu show" command
  • External mounts auto-detection
    • External siblings resolving
    • External sharing resolving
  • /dev/tty (current terminal) support
  • Netdev and netns (all/default) confs C/R
  • Images v1.1 with extra magic at head
  • Support fusectl (only ctl) mountpoint
  • Sub-version format is now as of git-describe
  • Apparamor labels C/R support


  • Empty image files are not generated in image dir
  • /proc/pid/fd/locks support for faster and non-intrusive locks dump


  • Cscope scanned symlinks on make tags
  • Compilation with clang failed
  • Improper PAGE_SIZE constant was used on Aarch64
  • Selinux blocks attempt to inject parasite w/o any reasonable message
  • Error code masked on some error paths
  • O_APPEND files' changed size aborted restore
  • Errno value could be overwritten by logging
  • Mount namespace w/o /tmp could not be dumped
  • Stats file generated in wrong dir sometimes
  • MS_STRICTATIME mountpoint option was dropped on dump
  • Read-only tmpfs mount failed to restore
  • Some files were put into wrong places upon install target
  • Service couldn't be enabled via systemd ctl after manual installation
  • Parent's /proc/self files could be accessed by criu processes on restore
  • When meeting unknown image file CRIT exited with exception instead of printing sane error message