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Docker daemon. After checkpoint, the Docker daemon thinks that the
container has exited. After restore, the Docker daemon doesn't know that
the container is running again. Therefore, commands such as ''=== <code>docker ps'', stop, kill</code> === and ''docker === <code>logs'' </code> ===will not work correctly.
External C/R was done as a proof-of-concept.
'''Native C/R''' using ''the newly added === <code>docker checkpoint'' </code> === and ''=== <code>docker restore'' </code> === commands.
Because the Docker daemon is involved in both checkpoint and restore,
its notion of the container state will be consistent and all commands such as''=== <code>docker ps'' , stop, kill </code> === and ''docker === <code>logs'' </code> ===will work.This is obviously the preferred method of checkpointing and restoring Docker containers.
Native C/R is work in progress, say pre-alpha quality. You can
[ repo].
Work in underway to integrate C/R into the new libcontainer.
For native C/R support, additional functionality was added to CRIU.
The most notable addition is the === <code>--inherit-fd</code> ===
command line option.
== External C/R ==

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