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container has exited. After restore, the Docker daemon doesn't know that
the container is running again. Therefore, commands such as
=== <code>docker ps, stop, kill</code> === and === <code>logs</code> ===
will not work correctly.
External C/R was done as a proof-of-concept.
'''Native C/R''' using the newly added === <code>docker checkpoint</code> === and=== <code>docker restore</code> === commands.
Because the Docker daemon is involved in both checkpoint and restore,
its notion of the container state will be consistent and all commands such as
=== <code>docker ps, stop, kill </code> === and === <code>logs</code> ===will work.
This is obviously the preferred method of checkpointing and restoring Docker containers.
For native C/R support, additional functionality was added to CRIU.
The most notable addition is the === <code>--inherit-fd</code> ===command line option.
== External C/R ==

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