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This HOWTO page article describes how to checkpoint and restore a Docker container. == Introduction == Docker wants to manage the full lifecycle status of processes running inside one if its containers, which makes it important for CRIU and integration with Docker to work closely together when trying to checkpoint , and restore a container. This is being achieved by adding the ability how to checkpoint and restore directly into Docker itself, powered under the hood by CRIU. This integration is a work in progress, and its status will be outlined belowuse it.
== Docker Experimental ==
Checkpoint & Restore Naturally, Docker wants to manage the full lifecycle of processes running inside its containers, so CRIU should be run by Docker (rather than separately).This feature is now available in the ''experimental'' runtime mode for Docker. It is available (since Docker 1.13, so every later version (, like Docker 17.03, should work) has it.
To enable experimental features (incl. CRIU), you need to do something like this:
systemctl restart docker
=== Dependencies === In addition to installing having a recent version 1.13+ of Docker, you need '''CRIU''' 2.0 or later installed on your system (see [[Installation]] for more info).
=== checkpoint ===

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