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Add more info about passing additional options
You should be able to print the logs from <code>looper-clone</code> and see that they start from wherever the logs of <code>looper</code> end.
=== Passing additional options ===
[[Configuration files]] can be used to set additional CRIU options when performing checkpoint/restore of Docker containers. These options should be added in the file <code>/etc/criu/runc.conf</code> (in order to '''overwrite''' the ones set by runc/Docker). Note that the options stored in <code>~/.criu/default.conf</code> or <code>/etc/criu/default.conf</code> will be '''overwritten''' by the ones set via [[RPC]] by Docker.
For example, in order to checkpoint and restore a container with established TCP connections CRIU requires the <code>--tcp-established</code> option to be set. However, this option is set to false by default and it is currently not possible to change this behaviour via the command-line interface of Docker. This feature can be enabled by adding <code>tcp-established</code> in the file <code>/etc/criu/runc.conf</code>. Note that for this functionality to work, the version of [[ runc]] must be recent enough to have the commit [[ e157963]] applied.
An alternative solution is to use [ Podman] which has support to specify <code>--tcp-established</code> on the command-line.
=== Synopsis ===

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