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For Kir[edit]

1. Reorganize front page to be two columns and a sidebox with downloads, events, and links. --Kir (talk) 21:16, 9 December 2013 (EST)

2. criu check

  • quote CONFIG_* option names to be enabled
  • give a link to info how to build own kernel
  • unify output (pr_msg vs pr_warn)
  • give a final verdict

3. copy of git repo at github (?)

4. Twitter account

5. Organize Hangout on Air

6. criu

  • make pr_err and pr_warn output timestamp and file:line conditionally (with verbosity)

7. Video on vzctl + upstream kernel + criu migration

For Pavel[edit]

1. Does recent Fedoras have all options for CRIU?

  • if yes -- remove "kernel compilation" from Installation
  • if no -- file a bug to enable those

Note: in F18 (v3.11) a number of options is still missing.

2. Since CRIU is now stable, maybe it makes sense to send patches that remove CRIU options out of CONFIG_EXPERT?