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=== v. 1.5.1 ===
== v 1.5.1 ==
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=== v. 1.3.1 ===
== v. 1.3.1 ==

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See release schedule.

v. 1.5

Tarball: criu-1.5.tar.bz2
Version: 1.5
Released: 2 Mar 2015
GIT tag: v1.5

New features

  • CRIT tool
  • Ability to request CPU compatibility on instructions level only
  • C/R of empty AIO rings
  • More detailed errno report via RPC
  • Per-feature "criu check"
  • Inheriting FDs on restore
  • Ability to automatically move veth device to host-side bridge on netns restore
  • VT terminals support
  • More user namespaces C/R stuff


  • TCP send queue is restored in the maximal portions allowed by the kernel
  • Pre-loading sock-diag modules now happens in a more elegant way


  • Multi-threaded tasks on 64bit ARM could segfault upon restore
  • When doing "check" CRIU could leave un-killed piggie task
  • The --cpu-cap option argument was parsed with errors
  • Incorrect handling of --cpu-cap fpu compatibility mode on restore
  • Criu ignored trailing CLI arguments that resulted in usage confusions
  • Irmap hints didn't include common "/" path
  • When run per user request, CRIU left log and pid files belonging to root
  • Mappings on AUFS could be looked up on wrong mount point
  • Fixed compilation on Centos6.5
  • Wrong /proc was used when reading the list of FDs to close on restore
  • Race in restoring TCP established and listening sockets results in failed bind() on the latter
  • Legacy ttys errorneously treated as unix98
  • TTY pairs slavery setup could pick wrong peer
  • For user-dump the log and pid files still belonged to root
  • Task could die while being frozen thus causing dump to fail or save wrong task state
  • Failures in mount points validation and sharing resolving didn't abort the dump (error arose on restore)

v 1.5.1

Tarball: criu-1.5.1.tar.bz2
Version: 1.5.1
Released: 31 Mar 2015
GIT tag: v1.5.1

New features

  • Inheriting FDs now work in "swrk" RPC mode
  • Restored pid is reported in post-restore RPC notification


  • Uninitialized ss in sigframe causes C/R failures on 4.0 kernel
  • Cgroups' properties are initialized too late on restore
  • Cgroups' destruction isn't performed in non detached mode
  • Cgroups' destruction can fail on error paths

v. 1.4

Tarball: criu-1.4.tar.bz2
Version: 1.4
Released: 1 Dec 2014
GIT tag: v1.4

New features

  • Dump and check cpuinfo. Needed to make sure CPU is capable to run the images after restore, e.g. during live migration
  • Initial support for user namespaces
    • Use memfd to restore shared memory segments
    • New (slightly faster) API for mm stuff restore via prctl
    • [UG]ID-s are dumped from parasite, not from /proc files
  • The docker_cr.sh script to show how Docker container C/R should (will) look like
  • New API for writing plugins (old one is still possible)
  • Service workers change their title to better look in ps output
  • Ability to feed socket for pre-dump and page-server in swrk mode
  • Page-server can auto-bind its port
  • Ability to perform several actions during one connection to RPC service
  • C/R of opened /proc/$pid/foo files of dead tasks
  • C/R of /dev/console
  • C/R of virtualized devtmpfs (openvz and future upstream kernels)
  • C/R of empty mqueue fs (posix message queues)
  • C/R of shared bind-mounts


  • BFD engine
    • Faster that glibc's FILE * buffered read from /proc files
    • Buffered image files IO
  • Faster parasite/restorer unload
    • Use HW breakpoints
    • Less ptrace GETREGS calls sometimes
    • Wake pie after sending the FINI command to socket
  • Merged some pairs of images into one
    • eventpoll and -tfd
    • inotify and -wd
    • fsnotify and -mark
  • Less setns()-s on dump is much faster on older kernels
  • Faster access to /proc/self files -- cached fd of /proc/self and openat(this_cache)


  • Sibling restore mode didn't set up CRIU signals properly
  • Unpredictable sibling/child root task restore. Fixed with explicit CLI option
  • Validation for leaf mount points was skipped
  • Mount options were corrupted on dump, which resulted in errors bind mounts detection
  • Uninitialized properties of some cgroups prevented moving tasks into them (e.g. empty cpuset masks and low memcg limit)
  • File locks could belong to task with different pid (inherited on fork) blocked the dump
  • Bogus error printed in logs about SIGCHLD catch (was caused by thread dump using traps)
  • Irmap engine accessed freed root_task on pre-dump
  • Restore of net namespace could always fail (pid mismatch on fork) if kernel thread was created on netns setup
  • Cgroups service descriptor was closed too early and failed restore
  • Auto-loaded *diag modules caused audit netlink socket to contain data on dump (dump fails in this case)
  • The "(deleted)" prefix accumulated in unlinked files while doing C/R
  • The devpts filesystem and ptmx file were only dumped when found on /dev/pts and /dev respectively
  • Data in netlink socket and fanotify was lost after C/R (now dump is aborted if data found in it)
  • Fanotify mark was restore in different mount namespace
  • Images were writable by group. Not secure when user-dump was requested
  • Rootfs has parent id equal to self. CRIU didn't expect this and failed the dump
  • Shared mount of the --root path failed the restore
  • Absence (e.g. not compiled in) of any namespace in the kernel failed the dump
  • Page-server incremental dump didn't detect new tasks properly and failed the stage
  • Big TCP queues sometimes failed to get restored
  • Incremental pre-dump could lose track of memory changes by task

v. 1.3

Tarball: criu-1.3.tar.bz2
Version: 1.3
Released: 1 Sep 2014
GIT tag: v1.3

New features

  • TimerFD support
  • VVAR area (newer kernels' part of VDSO) support
  • CGroups hierarchies support
  • AUFS support (for Docker)
  • PDeathSig support
  • Check for opened file's size on dump and restore is the same
  • Ability to restore tasks as children using libcriu (criu_restore_child)
  • Add pkgconfig file for libcriu
  • CRTOOLS_IMAGE_DIR variable available in action scripts


  • Merged images with pending signal into core
  • Per-task images with file locks are merged into one big image
  • Smaller tasks orchestration memory area on restore
  • Sigactions are inherited on restore when possible, not overwritten
  • ZDTM suite now executes tests in parallel


  • Dump failed if robust lists were off
  • Link remaps on tmpfs mounts were not dumped
  • Non root tasks with custom groups couldn't dump its peers (Security)
  • Opened and unlinked FIFOs, dirs and devices were restored as regular files
  • Files opened from alien mount namespace were restored in the local one
  • Link remap name sometimes was generated with error
  • Opened and removed cwd couldn't be restored
  • Sysctl kernel.msgmni was overwritten by subsequent auto_msgmni
  • Library and RPC APIs didn't match the CLI one
  • Some external mounts were constantly "postponed" and never got mounted
  • The self.mm_dumpable prlctl value of 2 caused restore to fail
  • Errors when writing sysctls with tail \n
  • The criu show printed nested repeated fields corrupted
  • Dump stats were initialized with garbage
  • Restore sometimes stuck on waiting for inet socket port bind
  • Spurious SIGHUP when restoring slave ttys
  • Restore wasn't aborted if sub-task failed early

v. 1.3.1

Tarball: criu-1.3.1.tar.bz2
Version: 1.3.1
Released: 12 Sep 2014
GIT tag: v1.3.1


  • Sibling restore mode didn't set up CRIU signals properly
  • Unpredictable sibling/child root task restore. Fixed with explicit CLI option
  • Validation for leaf mount points was skipped
  • Mount options were corrupted on dump, which resulted in errors bind mounts detection

v. 1.3-rc2

Tarball: criu-1.3-rc2.tar.bz2
Version: 1.3-rc2
Released: 18 Jun 2014
GIT tag: v1.3-rc2

New features

  • Native (w/o plugins) c/r of external bind mounts
  • C/R of the info in which cgroups tasks live
  • C/R of task's dumpable flag
  • Dump pstore, securityfs, fusectl and debugfs mountpoints


  • VDSO was searched on stack's guard page
  • Mount namespace w/o /proc mount blocked the restore
  • Several misses in searching for COW VMA resulted in sub-optimal pages sharing on restore
  • FIFO-s path was restored in wrong mount namespace
  • Mountpoint fsnotify could be restored on a bind-mount
  • One tmpfs mounted several times was dumped several times
  • Bind-mount's root path of the top mount was calculated with error
  • Fix device number calculation out of major:minor on some distros
  • Devpts mount options got lost on dump
  • Page-pipes grew endlessly resulting in dump failures on big VMAs
  • IO and PF mappings were tried to be dumped
  • Two merged MAP_GROWSDOWN VMAs got dumped with overlapping guard page
  • Too small shared area was used to fetch tasks mappings that resulted in failed dump of huge mappings
  • Many fixes in build system
  • Zdtm's COW test sometimes ignored COW failures

v. 1.3-rc1

Tarball: criu-1.3-rc1.tar.bz2
Version: 1.3-rc1
Released: 25 Apr 2014
GIT tag: v1.3-rc1

New features

  • AArch64
  • Multiple mount namespaces
  • FPU state restore control
    • Restore old FPU state on newer CPUs
    • Ability to ignore FPU restoration
  • Support stopped multi-threaded tasks
  • CRIU now can execv() other binary right after restore is complete
  • Inode-reverse mapping can be enforced to allow live-migration with FS copying
  • Gold linker can now be used to compile CRIU
  • "Berserker" test to check CRIU scalability
  • Punch pages from mem images on restore (optimizes live-migration)


  • Batched deduplication of memory images
  • Packed rlimits into core image
  • Packed timers into core image


  • Bad checks for kcmp() ret codes resulted in errors in file sharing detection
  • Multiple mmaps of same files with different flags blocked the restore
  • Integer overflow in huge mapping restore caused restoration failure
  • devpts's newinstance option was lost during dump
  • Subsequent dump could try to find old mem dump for newly forked task
  • Bad detection of overmounted mountpoints on fsnotify restore
  • Page-server could read partial message and failed
  • Errors in dumping of two subsequent anon VMAs in some cases
  • Irmap mis-compared devices for disk FSs
  • TMPFS handles always change during dump/restore
  • Pre-dump sometimes hangs on FIFOs
  • Post-restore script fails too late (if does it)

v. 1.2

Tarball: criu-1.2.tar.bz2
Version: 1.2
Released: 26 Feb 2014
GIT tag: v1.2

New features

  • Performance improvements
    • Shared entries in reg-files image
    • Less accesses to /proc/$pid/map_files links
    • Cache for /proc/$pid/pagemap reads
    • VDSO page is seeked only in anonymous mappings
    • Task's auxv is read in one call
    • Merged mm and vma image files for better packing
    • NFS inodes' path resolution (for fsnotify) cache
    • One readlink() call when checking anon inodes
    • Don't dump kernel's zero-page
    • Parse fast /proc/self/maps when searching for hole for restorer
    • A bit faster write into image files with writev()
  • Library versioning
  • RPC API got closer to CLI
  • New "post-restore" call in action scripts
  • Logrotate rules file
  • Default log file for service when starting via systemd


  • A lot for ARM cross-compile
  • Fsnotifies dumping didn't work on NFS
  • Images auto-deduplication only worked one level up
  • Packet socket ID was treated as file-descriptor and close()-d
  • Badly counted pages stats on restore
  • Linked remap name conflict when dump and restore on NFS
  • Sporadic failures in memory draining due to huge pipes used
  • Broken criu show of repeated fields
  • Failure to open mountpoint in foreign pid namespace
  • Unlinked bound unix socket dump error
  • Small memory leak when writing to incremental image(s)
  • Restoring fsnotify for links results in ELOOP
  • Host's PATH is not suitable when execv-ing tar/ip/iptable to restore namespace (workaround, proper fix will be in 1.3)
  • Using subdirs in log file name via RPC breaks security

v. 1.1

Tarball: criu-1.1.tar.bz2
Version: 1.1
Released: 28 Jan 2014
GIT tag: v1.1


  • Errors from memory dumping are not handled resulting in corrupted dumps
  • EOF detection in stacked images is done with error
  • Stacked images don't work on non-shared FS (missing pagemap-s)

v. 1.1-rc2

Tarball: criu-1.1-rc2.tar.bz2
Version: 1.1-rc2
Released: 20 Jan 2014
GIT tag: v1.1-rc2


  • Crash in criu check
  • RPC check always fail on 3.11 kernel
  • Failed fork() didn't abort restore
  • Dump fail not reported via RPC
  • RPC client disconnect wasn't handled
  • Page server could connect to self for writing images
  • Hang on pre-dumping task livig in net-namespace
  • VDSO page mis-handle on pre-dump
  • FPU state loss on pre-dump
  • Memory tracking turns ON w/o request
  • Various fixes (and improvements) in build system

v. 1.1-rc1

Tarball: criu-1.1-rc1.tar.bz2
Version: 1.1-rc1
Released: 30 Dec 2013
GIT tag: v1.1-rc1

New features

  • libcriu.so -- wrapper library for RPC clients
  • Plugins
    • External unix sockets
    • External bind mounts
    • External net devices
    • Unknown file types
  • Images deduplication in incremental dumps
  • Integration with systemd
  • Filtering of criu show output
Note.svg Note: The API defined in the first two items above may change after -rc1


  • Errors in unlinked files/sockets detection on BTRFS
  • NFS silly-rename files are not treated as unlinked
  • Freezer fail to seize quickly forking/pthread_create-ing tasks
  • Extra stop signal queued for stopped tasks after pre-dump
  • Wrong dying task state detection
  • Lost RPC dump response
  • Crash when reporting restore error via RPC
  • Negative return code into shell
  • Tasks left in wrong states after failed dump
  • A little bit more verbose check action
  • Coverity checks fail here and there

v. 1.0

Tarball: criu-1.0.tar.bz2
Version: 1.0
Released: 25 Nov 2013
GIT tag: v1.0


  • After --leave-running linked remaps were not cleaned
  • TCP was left locked after --leave-running
  • Weak criteria in memory COW detection
  • Private mapping's premmapped address overwrote file ID
  • Restorer memory could overlap with timers/signals arrays
  • RPC worker reused options from service task
  • Suboptimal memory utilization by restorer arguments
  • TCP unsent/unacked data boundary was lost
  • Wrong dev_t decoding on 64 bit
  • Unpredictable daemons (service and page-service) working dir
  • Parasite stack could be corrupted by its arguments
  • Error from exe link restore was ignored
  • Artificial small limit on the number of shared memory segments to restore
  • Bug in ARM VFP restore
  • VDSO proxy was unmapped at the very end of restore

New features

  • -W option to specify working dir
  • CHECK request in RPC
  • Optimized headers
  • More info in logs about undumpable files
  • More comments about tricky dump/restore places
  • Generic memory allocation for restorer

v. 0.8

Tarball: criu-0.8.tar.bz2
Version: 0.8
Released: 18 Oct 2013
GIT tag: v0.8

New features

  • RPC service
  • Ability to work from non-root user (via +s bit)
  • Handle stopped tasks
  • Restore tasks' root path
  • Dump and restore net ns iptables configuration (w/o conntracks)
  • Support for external net devices in netns (e.g. openvz venet)
  • Support CORK and NODELAY TCP options
  • SEQPACKET unix sockets support

Fixes and improvements

  • Unload restorer blob after restore
  • Fixes and enhancements in criu show
  • Fix in unsorted inotify wd restoring
  • Fixed trimmed messages in parasite transport
  • Fine-grained pgrps restore
  • Fix in large TCP buffers restore
  • Fixed buffer overflow in IPC ns dumping
  • Fix in early page server connection close on pre-dump
  • Fixed race in handling aborted parasite blob
  • Fixed lost unmapped criu vmas in restore
  • Fixes in parsing devices in /proc/pid/maps and /proc/locks
  • Fixed snd/rcv buf sockoptions restore
  • Enhanced logging in parasite

v. 0.7

Tarball: criu-0.7.tar.bz2
Version: 0.7
Released: 3 Sep 2013
GIT tag: v0.7

New features

  • TUN devices support (requires patched kernel)
  • Alternative stack (sigaltstack) C/R
  • Shared and master/slave mounts support
  • Restore statistics
  • Net device address C/R
  • Safer and simpler asynchronous parasite
  • Fixes in
    • Stack guard page dump/restore
    • Page server communications
    • COW mappings restore
    • Zombies restore
    • Aborting failed restore
    • TCP connection restore (some require patched kernel)
    • Semi-closed Unix sockets with data dump/restore
    • etc.

v. 0.6

Tarball: criu-0.6.tar.bz2
Version: 0.6
Released: 1 Jul 2013
GIT tag: v0.6

New features

  • Cross-compiling support
  • Ready to accept images from OpenVZ RHEL6-based kernel
    • VDSO conversion
  • Posix CPU timers C/R
  • Asynchronous parasite
    • Self-heal dumpee in case of crtools crash
  • Memory changes tracking (requires patched kernel)
    • Incremental backups
    • Pre-dump task command for smaller freeze time
  • Dump statistics
  • Return-arg for remote syscalls execution
  • Improved "show" output
  • Opened /proc/PID/ns/* files C/R
  • Daemon mode for page-server
  • Build-time features test (makes it possible to build on different distros)

v. 0.5

Tarball: criu-0.5.tar.bz2
Version: 0.5
Released: 30 Apr 2013
GIT tag: v0.5

New features

  • C/R netlink sockets
  • C/R pending signals
  • New format for memory dumps
  • Incremental dumps (preliminary)
  • Ability to directly send memory dumps on remote host (for faster live migration)
  • Images showing enhancements
  • Kernel features checking enhancements
  • Lots of BUGs fixed
  • Renamed crtools to criu (both binary and source package names)

v. 0.4

Released: 20 Feb 2013
GIT tag: v0.4

New features

  • ARM port
  • Remote syscall execution
  • C/R of
    • FPU state
    • File locks (basic support)
    • Rlimits
    • FANotify descriptors
    • Shared fdtable (table of file descriptors)
    • Tasks' umask
    • Pipe buffer size
    • Unix sockets' credentials
    • TCP time-stamp offset (allows to migrate a TCP socket, requires custom kernel)
  • Automatic namespaces detection (--namespace option is deprecated)


  • Build system rework
  • Dumping/restoring memory pointers standardized (while doing ARM port)
  • Ability to collect coverage (gcov, reported here)
  • 32/64-bit problems mostly resolved (while doing ARM port)

v. 0.3

Released: 11 Dec 2012
GIT tag: v0.3

New features

  • C/R of shell jobs
  • Handle files, that are opened and unlinked, but some other hard link exists
  • More SOL_SOCKET socket options. Two most interesting are:
    • Binding socket to device (SO_BINDTODEVICE)
    • Per-socket packet filter (SO_ATTACH_FILTER)
  • Shutdown state of a socket
  • Task scheduler parameters (nice, policy and prio)
  • Properly handle COW pages
  • Memory mapped packet sockets (with SOL- options this is enough for tcpdump tool support)
  • Complementary groups (getgroups(2))
  • Various mapping features, configured with madvise(2)
  • Tune TCP sockets support to work with IPv6 sockets
  • Closed (or not yet connected/bound) unix sockets

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Print timestamps in log files
  • Restructure source tree a little
    • PIE stuff in separate dir
    • Arch-specific code in arch/<Arch>/ directory
  • Nicer show -c output for pages/pipes/etc contents
  • Fixes in help text
  • Save and restore blocked signals mask for threads
  • Don't dump (and warn about it) corked UDP sockets
  • Fixed livelocks when restoring too big socket queues
  • Refresh info about sockets, that might have changed between diag dump and actual process freeze
  • Lost file params and socket options for some unix sockets
  • Fix inotify on opened and unlinked files
  • Fix shared anonymous memory detection
  • Properly close all files before restoring them
  • Fixes in running external tools (ip/tar)
  • Several fixes in control tty restoring code
  • RT signals handlers dumped and restored

v. 0.2

Released: 20 Sep 2012
GIT tag: v0.2

v. 0.1

Released: 23 Jul 2012
GIT tag: v0.1